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I am here! 20 years after I first started a massage course, having followed a twisty and varied path I have got here. I have created a beautiful therapy space (if I do say so myself), I have completed my training (although learning never stops), and I am practising, sharing my massage skills with people who want, and often need, meaningful touch.


I have been interested in massage since my teenage years, both the neuroscience of touch and the experience. As a psychologist and systemic practitioner I have worked with people who had experienced differing levels of trauma. This gave me the opportunity to observe how this had affected their body, mind and reactions to new ideas as well as what enabled them to make changes and progress in their journeys. As I became increasingly filled with a sense that ‘talking’ interventions were missing something. I explored what that might be and  developed my knowledge of awareness, the impact of breathing and the role of body awareness in creating the possibility of change.

In 2018 I started my training to become a Biodynamic massage therapist at the Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre. Biodynamic massage holds as its central tenet that the mind and the body are intimately entwined. It brings together knowledge from neuroscience, biology, and psychotherapy / psychiatry and the belief  that our body and mind are one. They hold the journey and experiences of our life in our cells. Seeing both as interlinked opens up ways of working that integrate ourselves to become a whole rather that viewing ourselves as made up of separate parts. My personal experience of stress and anxiety and my journey back to health and balance has allowed me to experience this myself .

Training in ScarWork and Oncology Massage were natural next steps. Using light touch techniques both support people to integrate significant events into their bodymind  and support health.

As an individual I am passionate about the world and our environment. I believe that small changes in how we think and live add up. That listening to our bodies, the seasons and those we respect helps each of us to make a difference to our lives and the lives of others in our own unique way. I am lucky enough to live in the country with my daughter and an out of control garden!


My therapy room is separate to the house offering a calm, nuturing space. There is off road parking and I am relatively flexible in terms of appointment times.

Training and Qualifications:

Simply Vagus

Sharon Wheeler's ScarWork

Oncology Massage
Biodynamic Massage

Range of Mental Health Training

PG Cert Working Systemically with families

Criminological Psychology Msc
Psychology Bsc

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