I will not sell or share any of your information.


I keep certain data so that I can work safely and professionally with you, in line with the guidelines of professional organisations that I belong to, including ABMT, and CHNC.

It is stored in the following places:

Jotforms,, my mobile phone, under initials with a secure lock screen. My email account, accessible by a secure password. On paper, kept in a locked filing box.

The data I keep is:

Name, address, phone number, email address, relevant medical information, GP contact details, session notes, correspondence, invoices and receipts.


You have the right to know what client data I hold, why I hold it, and for how long. You also have the right to view it, and to ask for changes to be made. I will keep this data for 7 years if you are over 18 or until you are 25 years old. After that time it is destroyed through shredding or burning. If I discover there has been a data breach of your personal information that could put you at risk, I will undertake to tell you as soon as possible. The data is only seen by myself. I may discuss our sessions with my clinical supervisor who will be aware of your first name only. They will destroy any supervision notes when our work is finished.