Covid 19 - risk reduction measures

Safety is my top priority.

Massage is a 1-1 close contact treatment and therefore has a higher risk of spreading infection and disease than other non-contact treatments. 

I am lucky that my therapy room is in  a separate building to my house. It is accessed via the garden gate and has its own self contained toilet facilities. 

As I am self-employed I am able to limit myself to seeing no more than 4 clients a day, allowing plenty of time for the room to be cleaned and aired.

Following my governing bodies recommendations I have kept up to date with government guidelines and developed risk assessments to reduce as far as I can the risk of covid 19 transmission.

My commitment to you:

I will not practice if I or anyone in my household have any symptoms of covid 19 or have been asked to isolate. 

I will wear face coverings / and a face visor during your treatment and follow an appropriate hand washing regime.

I will clean using recommended products before and after all client visits.

All linen including my clothing is washed and stored safely.

All equipment (massage bed, clothes boxes will be cleaned before and after each client.

All door handles, door jambs etc will be wiped down.

My request to you:

Do not attend if you feel unwell, or have been informed that you have been in contact with a confirmed case of covid 19 in the last 14 days. This includes

  • a new and continuous cough

  • a high temperature

  • a loss or change in your normal sense of smell

Sanitise / wash your hands on arrival.

Wear a mask during the treatment if you are able too.

Agree to inform me of you develop symptoms or test positive for covid within 14 days of the treatments.

Track and Trace:

Therapists have been advised to participate in the track and trace programme when it is developed.  We have also been advised to inform the NHS if one of our clients contacts us to say they have tested positive to covid 19. 


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