Scars  hint at the  story of our lives. Like the title of a chapter or a photo of a scene they  only reflect one dimension. 

However they are 3 dimensional structures that result from our bodies determination to recover and live. 




Whilst this process  occurs smoothly and resiliently for many this is not always the case.  Scars can contribute to numbness, pain, tightness, restrictions in movement, and lumps and bumps.  It is in these situations that ScarWork can be beneficial for scars of any age. 

A gentle yet powerful technique developed by Sharon Wheeler ( over 40 years ago. Brought to the UK in the mid 2010's by Jan Trewartha ( in it has continued change the lives of people whose scars were  causing issues.  


How can it help?


  • Release tightness  and ease discomfort and tension in the body

  • Increase mobility  and  ease the slide and movement of the tissues that make up the skin, fascia and muscle to improve range of movement

  • Increase sensation in areas that have been numb.

  • Reduce sensitivity  and pain related to trapped / damaged nerves and irritated scar tissue

  • Stimulate and support the body to heal helpfully. 

  • Support Emotional Wellbeing – therapeutic touch can be a powerful way to aid emotional recovery

  • Improve appearance due to the benefits to the internal tissues.

How is it done?

There are a range of over 20 manual techniques that are associated with changes in scar tissue. They are light, gentle and rarely cause pain or tickling.  Oil and gloves are not used (exceptions include wisdom teeth scarring).

Working from skin in via mechanotransduction cells are stimulated to shift into new patterns that are more helpful and comfortable to the body.

Often change will be seen within the session and will continue over time.  Sessions are best placed 2-3 weeks apart to allow the body time to settle in between.

There are very few due to its non-invasive ,gentle and collaborative approach. It can't be used with abdominal or pelvic mesh, if you are pregnant  or other standard massage contraindications

What to expect:


Sessions are usually 1 hour long and made up of a combination of ScarWork and relaxation/massage.


The techniques used are light touch/ gentle and feel good, not painful. You are likely to feel relaxed and balanced when you leave


Improvement may be seen in one session, however you are likely to require 2 or 3 spaced 3 weeks apart. Changes will accumulate over time as healing continues.


For 3 days post sessions avoid strenuous exercise and exertion. This allows your body to adjust to the changes.


It can be effective on scars of any age including burns, surgery, accidents, laparoscopy, caesarean section, spinal block / epidurals, endometriosis, cosmetic surgery etc.

"My back feels so much better! I’ve forgotten what it feels like to not have that stiff bit in the middle there, amazing!"

(after 1 session of Scarwork on Spinal block, epidural scars and C section)